The Sex They Don’t Tell You About

When I was growing up in my formative tween/pre-teen years purity aka abstinence became a mainstream movement within the church. I know sexual purity has been apart of church doctrine for centuries; it is one of the topics most denominations agree upon. However, in the late 90's in my church circle and probably yours,  purity… Continue reading The Sex They Don’t Tell You About

One of Those Moms

When I had my first child my eyes were opened to this secret society of motherhood. While taking care of a baby came pretty instinctively to me, navigating the mom scene did not. I quickly observed that there was this mom code of decorum and I apparently never got the memo.

My Tea Party with a Corpse

Have you ever been hurt by someone? Have you ever believed something only to find out it was a complete lie. This was the situation that I found myself in as a bright-eyed 18 year old girl. For 6 months I had dedicated my life to a fallacy; a fantasy. I invested my soul into… Continue reading My Tea Party with a Corpse