I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 32. This year has come and gone. I am starting it off exactly where I was last year, Sacramento. Although, this year I live here, I am not just visiting.

2018 was a very strange year. I feel like for a little over a year we have been in transition in one way or another. Here is a quick rundown.

November 2017, I came home from working full-time. We went from being a family of 4 to a family of 5. Shortly after the baby was born we had the privilege to have my mother-in-love with us for almost a month to help out.

December 2017- We traveled to Maryland for 3 weeks to visit my parents for Christmas.

January 2018- my husband started his job with Tesla Solar. I officially became a stay at home mom.

April-We were able to visit all of our family in Mexico for 10 days.

May- I went to Maryland by myself with the 3 kids for 2 weeks to help my parents pack up and clean out preparing their move to California.

June 12th-The same day my parents moved to Cali my husband and 5,000 others were laid off in Tesla.

July- Jesus went to Sacramento by himself to work a commission-only job for a solar company. While he had the highest sales, the company never fulfilled any of the orders and we never saw a cent.

July 25th-I dropped the kids off with my mom in Sacramento and then flew to a cousins wedding in Canada. That night is when the horrific Carr fire broke out in Redding and destroyed over 1,000 homes.

August- We ended up staying in Sacramento with my parents for most of the month to avoid the hazardous air quality in Redding due to the fires. We also dedicated both girls at the church we attend in Sacramento.

September and October- We were back in Redding and tried to get back into the swing of things. Jesús continued to look for a job and interviewed with several companies but nothing fleshed out. During that time we took a few weekend trips to Sacramento my baby sisters wedding and wedding related events. The day after the wedding, Jesus had an interview in Sacramento with an amazing company. We found out several weeks later they wanted to hire him!

November- Jesus started his job in Sacramento. I stayed in Redding to pack up the house and tie up some of the loose ends. We moved in with my parents the weekend before Thanksgiving and have been adjusting nicely to Sacramento living.

We had so many ups and downs and even a natural disaster thrown in the mix. If I had to pick any other themes of the year besides transition, I’d say family and growth. Family because this was the first year that all of my immediate family has lived in the same city since I graduated High school in ’04. And growth because I put in a lot of work on me this year. I have confronted things, put things to practice and learned so much more about myself. The growth I have done has made it possible to be with my family in a healthy way. As wonderful as they are your family always has a unique way of pushing your buttons that no one else can.


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