My Tea Party with a Corpse

Have you ever been hurt by someone? Have you ever believed something only to find out it was a complete lie. This was the situation that I found myself in as a bright-eyed 18 year old girl. For 6 months I had dedicated my life to a fallacy; a fantasy. I invested my soul into a house of cards and when it collapsed I lost everything. My time, money, dreams, future, friends, family, my identity, everything I thought I was-gone. I worshiped the idea of someone and that idea fell miserably short of reality.

I found myself at rock bottom. Then, the floor started crumbling beneath me. I held on so fiercely to my “could have been’s”, my security blanket, my comfort of what used to be. They were familiar. People around me would tell me about forgiveness, about the power of offense. But I was blind, it just did not seem to click in my head. Little did I know, I had let myself turn into the crazy old woman you read about who keeps her dead husband dressed up in a back bedroom.

Many times we are still walking around, holding onto our dead relationships, dead situations, dead dreams, or dead hopes. These dead areas begin to fester, rot and putrefy, but we become accustomed to the stench; numb to reality. Pretty soon we become infected as well, on our way to becoming a corpse ourselves.

We are too busy dressing up our corpses to realize that God wants to free us from this death and bring new life in our lives. We put makeup on our corpses, fix their hair, and make sure they look as good as possible on the outside. We try to have tea parties pretending everything is as it seems, but nothing you do will bring these areas back to life. As we reminisce on “what was”, and “what could have been” we’d rather hold onto a rotten infectious corpse than go through what we think is the pain and loneliness of letting go.

God wants to set you free. He wants to heal your broken heart. He wants to restore you. You have to trust Him. You have to KNOW that He only wants good for you. Though it looks bad right now, you are only seeing one part, and God sees all. You will look back and say, “Look how God worked everything out.” It is hard to see it in the moment, but God wants to reveal Himself to you. Everything you think you needed in that dead area God has it for you.  Stop digging up your corpses every night you feel alone. You have to be willing to lose everything, because “everything” can not compare to being free, to being whole, to being healthy.

So are you done playing tea party with the dead?

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